The Most Audacious Flavor

A collaboration wtih cultural critic and historian Ivan L. Munuera, who describes an architectural horror/pleasure matrix with Strawberries at the center of Fidel Castro, Ice Cream, Desire and Persecution in Havana, Cuba. The text details Coppelia, a cathedral-like ice cream parlor built by Castro in the 1960s when state sanctioned violence and persecution towards gays lead to a hidden code used used by queers of the era to cruise for sex while buying ice cream.


Digital print on silk
Designed by Riley Hooker
24”x30,” Open Edition

First Edition
Edition of 50 created for RAGGA NYC,

Second Edition
Nightswimming Especial
Open edition created for Zona Maco, 2019

Third Edition
Edicion Tropicall
Open edition created exclusively for the OK BLEEP shop