Doing the Best I Can

“What does it mean to be an athlete? It's more of a state of mind than a specific type of activity. On one hand, to be an athlete is about the violence inherent in always being observed, judged, and evaluated. But it’s also about the joy that comes with overcoming an obstacle. It involves living a life where danger and pain might possibly become exuberance and celebration—or might not. It begins and ends with risk.” 

DOING THE BEST I CAN brings together writing and sculpture by artist Diamond Stingily. A poem by Stingly recalls being a child athelete, and becoming an artist. One folds in to the other, reaching a point where their demands are indistinguishable. The poem is punctuated by the faces of other girls from her little league softball team—appearing opposite trophies rendered in gold with engravings deadpan enough to read as humor, or epitaph.

SPECS Gold Risograph printing on
Mohawk Keaykolour paper in Prune

The cover features a 4x6in color photo attached with metallic gold scrapbooking corners

28 pages
Edition of 50
Design by Riley Hooker
Printed with Endless Editions

McNally Jackson

MoMA Liobrary