Photography by Steven Harwick    February, 2021

Back in January of 2020 we asked Zackary Drucker, an artist and friend of Jenner, to catch up over some casual girl talk and to discuss our new publication C8LYN, an up-close and personal portrait of the thrill seeking woman, the mother, and the firearm enthusiast.

The scene is set on an idealic afternoon in sunny Los Angeles. Zachary takes the call from her back yard while watering her plants. There is something under the surface of their otherwise casual girl-talk—almost prophetic, as if they can sense that those same skies will soon be made sanguine from raging wildfire set ablaze from a gender reveal gone wrong, and their beloved city will soon be ravaged by a global pandemic and civil unrest.

[Zachary Drucker] What did you do this weekend, girl?

[C8LYN] Well I, I went out to the shootin’ range with Kylie, she brought Stormi, we um, we just tried a couple of my new Desert Eagles.

ZD (laughs) What’s a Desert Eagle?

C8 You never shot a Desert Eagle?

ZD Girl, are you stockpiling guns?

CJ Ha! Well “stockpile” might be a little, aggressive, but I got a couple of the new models, they sent em over you know, it’s just a handgun. I wanted Kylie to know how to use it, so we went out there and just shot a couple rounds and then went over to Robertson and picked up some sunglasses and just had a good day. Had brunch.

ZD (laughs) What are you gonna use those guns for, girl? Coyotes in your backyard (laughs)?

CJ That’s not a bad idea! You know they get a little crazy at night, but uh, no no no, it’s just to release some tension. It’s just ya know, very relaxing, it’s really…It’s nice to have that kinda power.

ZD Mmmhmm…you got any trips planned? You goin to the UK?

CJ Am I goin to the UK…ahh…Sophia! [Hutchens, C8’s partner]

ZD Yes girl.

CJ Yeah maybe, I guess we’ll be havin’ dinner with Piers.

ZD He’s an asshole.

CJ It’s easy to say that, he’s got a quick temper that’s for sure, but...he’s got a real nice house out there.

ZD Yeah…Well, I recommend you get in touch with your girlfriend Munroe Bergdorf, she’ll know what to do.

CJ Oh right!

ZD Yep, don’t forget about, you know, where your girls are at.

CJ Yes, of course.

ZD Why don’t you do something kinky and wild like go to The Box or go to a dungeon, just live a little, girl!

C: You think The Box is ready for me?

Z: Yes, girl, absolutely! I think you’d have a fabulous time, have you ever been to a voyeuristic sex club or like dungeon kinda place?

C: (Laughs) You’re makin’ me blush babe, wh-what should- what would I even wear to some place like that? A leather skirt or somethin? What do you suggest?

Check back soon for the full interview…